New updates and improvements to Flows.

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June 23, 2024

New branding

To better reflect our mission and values, we've updated our branding. We wanted to reflect that Flows is a tool for builders to create anything they can imagine. We are excited to share this new look with you!

Flows new brand

SDK 0.1

We weren't only polishing the pixels. Our SDK is now mature enough to call it 0.1. We've worked out the main concepts and APIs, and we are ready to start building on top of it. We are excited to see what you will create with it!

Other improvements

  • Added preview control panel that allows you to restart or close the preview.
  • When in preview mode, only the selected flow will be loaded.
  • Added option to disable the click layer in Tooltip and Modal. This allows users to interact with the page even when using overlay.
  • Added option to set individual z-index for Tooltip and Modal to avoid conflicts with other elements.

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