New updates and improvements to Flows.

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Introducing pricing

Starting today, we are introducing pricing for Flows. Our pricing is simple and flexible. We want to make sure that Flows is accessible to everyone, no matter the size of your business.

That's why we are offering a generous free tier, so you can try Flows without any commitment. If you need more, we have a pay-as-you-go model that scales with your product starting at $0.009 per started flow. See our pricing page for more details.

Why price based on usage?

Its simple: charging a fixed fee or by Monthly Active Users (MAUs) results in unfair pricing for everyone. You may have a lot of users, but only a few of them need onboarding, or you may have a few users, but they need to be onboarded frequently. From value perspective, you shouldn't pay the same amount in both of these cases.

Beta Launch 🚀

Today is the day... We're finally launching our Beta for Flows! This has been in the works for the past 6 months, and we appreciate all the support and feedback you've provided while we've been building. ❤️

Beta launch illustration

The beta is open to anyone, so go ahead and sign up!

We need feedback! Please ping us in the app and let us know what you liked and what we could improve.

Again, thanks for being part of this journey. It really means the world to us to have you onboard.

Road to beta week 5

Demo examples - showcasing how to implement Flows in NextJS or JavaScript - to see how seamlessly it can integrate into your projects! ➡️ See the demo

First deployment at Atmos - we have first production deploy on our sister product Atmos, guiding users to create better color palettes for UI. Soon you will be able to join the ranks! ⏱️

Road to beta week 4

Getting started - a two step guide that will show you how to implement Flows into your app and start onboarding people in no time.

Darkmode support 🌚 - our default theme now supports theming out of the box. With that we've also rewritten most of the CSS to make it easier to match your brand.

Database backup and improved security - keeping your data safe and sound

Various other improvements to polish up Flows before the Beta.

Road to beta week 3

Welcome screen - helps you setup your account after signing up.

First versions of documentation - Flows are easy to use, but if you ever get stuck Docs got your back. Still need help? Reach out directly to us anytime.

New homepage and features page - Flows website underwent its first visual upgrade. And it is simply beautiful. See here 👉

Road to beta week 2

Tooltip overlay - Draw attention to a specific element by highlighting it with an overlay.

Flow error tracking - see where flows fail and fix them. Error events show you where exactly the flow failed and on which element.

Async load from Cloud - to speed up the initialization even more, Flows now load only the first step of each flow. The other steps are loaded only when the flow starts.

SDK TSDoc - we didn’t forget about our developer friends. Now our SDK is fully documented, with comments and examples so you don’t need to check our docs for the basic stuff.

CSS versioning - to prevent breaking changes Flows Cloud now delivers the right version of CSS styles based on the SDK version in your codebase.

Road to beta week 1

Style customization from Flows Cloud - allowing you to change the look and feel of your flows without the need to hard-code the styles into your app.

Login & Signup page - we are preparing the doors for the big day. You’ll love it once you see it.

SDK E2E testing - reliability is important to us. To ensure flows show up 100% of the time we’ve built up a begining of our test suite comprising of 156 tests covering how our flows render in various cases in all the browsers. Powered by Playwright.

SQL query optimization - flows need to be FAST ⚡️ that’s why we’ve gone back and cleaned up our backend queries to shave off 100ms on average bringing us down to 40-60ms.

Hello World 👋

We are starting on the journey of creating Flows - the next generation tool for creating onboarding flows and product tours. Read about our mission and the principles we use to build Flows in our first blog post.


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