User onboarding for modern SaaS

A better way to drive product adoption and activation.

User onboardingUser onboarding
Feature adoptionFeature adoption

Product onboarding created to be your own.

Build anything and everything you need to drive product adoption and activation with Flows.

Visual flow builder. Build out your onboarding and education experience with an advanced visual flow builder.

Flow tooltip illustrationFlow tooltip illustration

Segment users. Control which users or companies can see specific onboarding flows.

Code implementation illustrationCode implementation illustration

Wait for user actions. Real world isn't linear, your flows shouldn’t be either. Give users time to do an action or to navigate to different page.

Code implementation illustrationCode implementation illustration

Branch out when needed. Create personalized flows with built-in branching logic based on user actions.

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Reliable product tours with a robust platform

Onboarding needs to be reliable. Flows is built to never let you down.

Speed as a priority. Your users won’t wait for the tour to load. That’s why Flows show instantly*

Chart illustrating delivery speedChart illustrating delivery speed

*anytime after initial load which takes ~300ms

Robust product tours. Rest easy knowing that your onboarding shows up every time.

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Privacy first. We don't collect any information about your users.

Analyze, optimize, fix

Understand user behavior and iterate on your onboarding flows.

Optimize for conversion. Know how your flows perform at each step.

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Spot issues and fix them. See where and why flows fail.

Error tracking illustrationError tracking illustration

Bring your own analytics tool. Send flow events anywhere you need to get the full picture.

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