User onboarding for modern SaaS

Flows lets you build any onboarding you want. Guide users, increase feature adoption, and improve revenue.

Onboarding flows reimagined

Advanced flow builder

Total control. Create the onboarding experiences you want without any limitations. Built with modern SaaS in mind.

Onboarding flow diagram illustrationOnboarding flow diagram illustration


Experiment in real-time. Detach from release cycles and iterate on flows as you wish.

Flow tooltip illustrationFlow tooltip illustration


Keep things stable. Define flows inside your codebase and prevent any bottlenecks.

Code implementation illustrationCode implementation illustration

Deliver flows faster than ever

Optimized delivery

Speed as a priority. Your users won’t wait for the tour to load. That’s why Flows show instantly*

Chart illustrating delivery speedChart illustrating delivery speed

*anytime after initial load which takes ~300ms

Script size

Tiny size. Flows script is just ~20kB. Bundle it with your app or load from CDN.

Bundle size illustrationBundle size illustration

Analyze, optimize, fix

Flow insights

Optimize for conversion. Know how your flows perform at each step.

Funnel chart illustrationFunnel chart illustration

Error tracking

Spot issues and fix them. See where and why flows fail.

Error tracking illustrationError tracking illustration

Analytics integration

Bring your own analytics tool. Send flow events anywhere you need to get the full picture.

How are Flows better?

Fast. Optimized performance that beats the competition.

Delivery speedDelivery speed

Flexible. Build anything you want, however you want. We give you the tools.

Delivery speedDelivery speed

Privacy first. We don't collect any information about your users.

Delivery speedDelivery speed

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