The new standard for building user onboarding

With its flexible approach, Flows unlocks the potential of your product by providing the tools to build seamless onboarding experiences for your users. It is the tool of choice for modern SaaS companies.


Flows is the tool to build advanced user onboarding. Powerful yet simple to use, it allows you to work how you want. Without clunky limitations or bottlenecks.

Flow steps

Great onboarding needs powerful step types. With Flows we are reinventing the way you can guide users through your product. Wait for user input or branch based on their actions to create a truly personalized experience.


Flows are built in pursuit of high-performance. We’ve optimized every aspect of Flows to make sure your users get the best experience possible.


Building truly great user onboarding is part intuition and part data. To help with the data part, Flows offer tools to help you understand how users are interacting with your tours.

Modern and secure

Flows are built with privacy in mind. We don’t track your users, store any of their personal data, and we use only one functional cookie.


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