More than just tooltips and modals

Great onboarding needs powerful step types. With Flows we are reinventing the way you can guide users through your product. Wait for user input or branch based on their actions to create a truly personalized experience.


Tooltips are the most basic step type. Use them to point to elements on a page and guide users through your product.


Wait for user input

Sometimes you need to wait for user input before moving on. Whether it’s clicking a button, completing a form, or any other action, you can wait for it.

Following tooltips, modals serve as a an improtant step type, ideal for presenting comprehensive information or capturing user attention with larger visual elements.


Custom HTML content

When text alone isn’t enough, write your own HTML to create anything you imagine. Custom HTML is supported in tooltips too.


Sometimes you need to wait for the user to complete an action. Use the wait step type to give users time to complete an action before moving on.


Wait for click

You can wait for the user to click a specific element on the page or even on a specific page where they will navigate to.

Wait for input change

Wait for the user to change an input value. Optionally you can also check if the value matches a specific pattern and branch out the flow based on that.

Wait for form submit

Wait for the user to submit a form. If needed you can check the form values and branch out the flow.


Create personalized experiences by branching out the flow based on user input or actions. No need to create multiple flows for different user segments. Branch out and then merge back into the main flow as you need.

Branch out from any step

All steps support branching out. From adding branching buttons to tooltips or modals to waiting for specific user inputs, Flows empowers you to create dynamic, personalized experiences that resonate with your users.

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