Safe, secure, and private

Flows are built with privacy in mind. We don’t track your users, store any of their personal data, and we use only one functional cookie.

Privacy first

Your users’ privacy is important. That’s why Flows don’t store any personal data about your users. When segmenting users the evaluation is done on the client side. This means that the user data is never sent to our servers.


Identify users semi-anonymously

When setting up a flow that should only appear once per user, we need to identify each user. To do that you need to provide us with a user identifier (like a user ID), which we hash on the client side before sending it to our servers. This method allows us to identify the user without knowing their identity and it is the only data we store about your users.

If you choose not to provide us with a user identifier, you will need to manage the frequency of how often flows show up yourself. In this case, Flows won’t store any data about your users.

Client side user segmentation

To ensure the safety of your users’ data, we conduct user segmentation on the client side. This means we never send user data to our servers.

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