Reliable flow delivery

Flows are built in pursuit of high-performance. We’ve optimized every aspect of Flows to make sure your users get the best experience possible.

Speed as a priority

Your users won’t wait for the tour to load. That’s why Flows show instantly after the first load which takes ~300ms.


Async loading

On the first load, Flows load only the first step of the flows that the user can see. The rest of the steps are loaded only when the particular flow is started. This way, the initial load is super fast.

Tiny size

Size matters, especially when it comes to site performance. Flows’ script is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just ~20kB, making it one of the most compact options available.


CDN hosted

Flows script can also be loaded from a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Flows JS SDK

Accelerate load times even further with the Flows JS SDK. Skip the script loading time and initialize Flows in a few milliseconds.


Show flows once or every time the user matches the targeting conditions. Ensuring optimal engagement without overwhelming your audience.



Precision is key in user engagement. Segment your user base and display flows exclusively to those who stand to benefit, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.


Secure and private

Your users data is none of our business. When segmenting users, we conduct user segmentation on the client side. This means we never send user data to our servers. We prioritize user privacy by requiring only the user ID for identification purposes.

Start action

Timing is everything. Start flows precisely when user visits a specific page, interacts with a specific element or when an element shows up on a page, maximizing the impact of your onboarding efforts.



Test your flows before you ship them to your users. This allows you to see exactly how your flows will look and behave before you publish them.


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