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Estimating Usage Costs

Estimating usage and costs

It can be hard to predict how many flows you'll start with Flows, but there are simple ways to get a ballpark estimate. This guide explains why we price based on usage, and how you can estimate your usage and costs.

Why we price based on usage?

Its simple: charging a fixed fee or by Monthly Active Users (MAUs) results in unfair pricing for everyone. You may have a lot of users, but only a few of them need onboarding, or you may have a few users, but they need to be onboarded frequently.

From value perspective, you shouldn't pay the same amount in both of these cases. It makes more sense to pay only for the value you receive, which is directly tied to the number of flows you start.

How do I estimate my usage?

If you are already using another onboarding tool and want to switch to Flows (welcome!), your existing tool should give you a good idea of how many flows you start per month.

Alternatively, you can calculate you usage by multiplying the number of your Monthly Active Users (MAUs) by the number of flows you expect to start per user. If you are not sure how many flows you'll start, a good starting point is to assume that you'll start between 2-4 flows per user per month.

But remember, you can always start with a small usage limit and increase it as you go.