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Create flows

Flow targeting

Filter the users that should see a specific flow.

Targeting form

When launching flows, you can show them to specific users based on their attributes. This is useful when you want to show a flow to a specific segment of your users, for example, only to users that have a specific role or that have been using your app for a certain amount of time.

Create targeting filter

  1. Add a new filter group. Filter groups combine all the filters in them with an AND operator. This means that all the filters in the group must be true for the flow to be shown to the user.
  2. Add a new filter. You can add as many filters as you need to the group. Each filter can be based on a different user attribute or the same attribute with different conditions.
  3. Specify the user property that you want to use for targeting. You can use any user property that you have set up in your implementation.
  4. Choose the operator that you want to use to compare the user property. The available operators depend on the type of the user property.
  5. Specify the property type (number, string, or date).
  6. Enter the value that you want to compare the user property to.
  7. Optionally add another filter or filter group to further refine the targeting.

Targeting groups

You can add multiple targeting groups to a flow. All the targeting groups are combined with an OR operator. This means that the flow will be shown to the user if any of the targeting groups is true.

Targeting options

Targeting is based on user attributes. You can target users based on any user property that you have set up in your implementation. Flows support the following targeting options:

  • Number
  • String
  • Date
  • Boolean

You can further refine the targeting by using the following operators:

  • Equals
  • Does not equal
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than
  • Less than or equal to
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Regular expression