Flows docs are in early stages and not everything is documented yet. If you have any questions, please reach out to us hello@flows.sh.
Project setup


Projects typically represent a single application or a set of related applications. Each project has its own set of flows, analytics, and settings. Flows are always installed on per Project basis and all users can (theoretically) see all flows in the project.

Project switcher


Workspace settings

Currently, any member of the organization can manage its projects. This means that any member can create, update, delete, and manage projects. This will change in the future when we introduce member roles.

Project ID

Each project has a unique ID that is used to identify it in the SDK. You can find the project ID in the project settings. Add the project ID to your SDK configuration as described in the installation guide.

Project domains

Each project can have a list of allowed domains. This is a security feature that allows you to restrict where the Flows SDK can be used.

Learn more about the Project domains →

Multiple projects

You can have multiple projects in a single organization. This is useful when you have multiple applications that you want to manage separately. Each project has its own set of flows, analytics, and settings.

To create a new project:

  1. Click your currently selected project and organization in the sidebar.
  2. Select New project.
  3. Enter the project name and confirm.

You'll be able to switch between projects by clicking on the project name in the top left corner and selecting the project you want to switch to.

Delete a project

You can delete projects (which also includes flows and analytics data) under Project settings. Please note that this action is not reversible.